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  CABR Construction Machinery Technology Co., Ltd is a hightech company set up by the institute in 1993 with the trade mark CABR/M?. Supported by the strong te视讯ag娱乐网站|优惠chnical basis of the institute, we have made great success in transferring scientific research achievements into products which is urgently needed by the market.
UB series mortar pump applicable to mortar and plaster conveying, mortar spraying, grouting engineering. UBJ series mortar spraying machine is widely used for the spraying, pumping, and grouting of most kinds of mortar.
UB series mortar pump
UBJ series mortar spraying                  machine
XHB6 small fine concrete  pump
HBT series concrete  pump
UJL (S) series vertical mixer
GD200 compact drilling rig
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XHB6 small fine concrete  pump is fit for the conveying of fine stone concrete and mortar.
HBT series concrete pump is widely used in the pumping engineer of fine stone and common concrete.
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